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JOA Designs is a product design consultancy with an office based in the historical steel city of Sheffield.

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Industrial design consultancy Sheffield

JOA Designs is an industrial design consultancy with an office based in Sheffield. We’ve worked with major stakeholders in one of the UK’s greenest cities, developing various urban product design projects to aid the local environmental street furniture industry. We have been able to establish a reputation in Sheffield as a reliable and efficient industrial design consultancy since our designers are capable of completing every task on any project at a consistent rate. Sheffield is home to a diverse range of high-quality goods, including steelworks. Sheffield was formerly the world’s largest steel supplier, delivering steel across the world, which earned it the renowned nickname “Steel City,”. It contains a variety of material providers and manufacturers with whom we have developed good ties and who have enabled us to create new designs.

Why choose JOA Designs?

We’ve worked with a wide range of businesses in the area and have effectively assisted in the design of numerous products. The fact that we have a method in which we develop each individual project and approach it differently from the others is what distinguishes JOA Designs from the other firms within our industry; it is this process that distinguishes us as a top industrial design consultancy in Sheffield. We also have numerous members of our team in the city who may contact you whenever you need to discuss your product designs in greater depth. Our personnel, on the other hand, is spread across the United Kingdom, allowing us to collaborate with businesses in a variety of locations.

Industrial Design Consultancy Sheffield
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Developing a relationship

Our relationship with our clients does not end when the initial project is completed. We want to build solid relationships with all of our clients so that we may collaborate with them on future projects. Our product designs for clients have resulted in a wide range of connections and friendships with people from a variety of different industries. Whether it’s with our new street furniture ideas, 3d models, or just product designs in general, as an industrial design consultancy in Sheffield, we’re always looking to innovate and inspire many in the city. We feel that building a solid relationship with you is critical to our success and the success of our clients, as we can continue to collaborate to benefit Sheffield’s communities and its environment.

To begin the creation of your product designs, our team conducts collaborative research to identify market gaps that we can target with your product. We do this in order to ensure that your product stands out from the crowd. We go on to the next phase once this is completed, and have a solid project to work on.

During this process, our team begins to construct a detailed design brief. We make certain that no detail is overlooked and that all of your questions are addressed. We then go on to the next stage by creating product concepts based on your specifications. During this phase, our designers will communicate with you and cooperate closely with you to verify that your concepts are designed accurately and that they are ready for the next phases, in which we will observe how your product performs under specific conditions.

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During this step, we begin to test your product’s construction and see if it can be manufactured accurately. Our team of experienced designers use 3d product renders and Solidworks visualize to essentially represent your concept and deliver you a basic overview of how your products will look and function. We also ensure that we inform you when we are making adjustments so that we can analyse how to make the product appropriate for your demands. Our designers are willing to make adjustments at any time, and you will have the ability to make changes as well. However, our designers will provide you with sound guidance throughout.

Next, we go on to a phase that one of our engineers really enjoy. This is where our designers start testing and giving you a sense of how your product will operate in chosen situations. Our designers use tools like FEA and CFD to analyse them and give you the most accurate portrayal of how your product will react in its intended conditions. We will, of course, run these tests using the concepts we have previously established, and our designers will keep in close communication with you throughout this step.

As we conclude the development phase, we begin to prepare all of the necessary paperwork for your manufacturers. We make sure that all documentation is in order and that your manufacturers have all they need to make your concept a reality. We can always locate the right manufacturers to produce your concept because we are a renown industrial design consultancy in Sheffield with close ties to several manufacturers in the city. Following that, we hope to establish a solid relationship with you in the future and collaborate on a variety of new projects. Feel free to contact us using the form below so that we can walk you through the process in more detail. 

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