Mechanical and Product Design

We use our years of expertise in industrial mechanical product design to bring your ideas to life using SOLIDWORKS.

We offer the following services – sheet steel fabrication, solid modelling, product design, mechanical design, furniture design, vehicle conversion, HVAC, Reverse engineering and much more.


Having a well-designed product helps to strengthen the core of your business. Good products answer every single question needed to elevate your business.

Using our in-house CAD facilities our highly skilled Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional engineers we can accurately create and reverse engineer 3D models of your products.

3D modelling techniques include solid modelling, sheet metal, surface modelling, weldment fabrications. With furthur product analysis using FEA (Finite Element Analysis), simulations and CFD, (Computational Fluid Dynamics) we have the resources required to cater to your specific requirements.

We can handle all aspects of your product design and mechanical design projects. Be it your new or existing product we can work with you to flesh out new ideas. We can also support you throughout by connecting you with the right suppliers to manufacture your new and existing products.


We complete all our designs using state of art 3D CAD software. Our team of certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Engineers, can help to optimise your new and existing product for manufacturing.

We can test your product’s structural integrity, designing with, form, and function as our primary. We aim to innovate and improve your current products and troubleshoot them before manufacturing.

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Prototyping services – we understand the importance of prototyping before manufacturing. Our in-house 3D printing facility enables us to print 3D CAD designed parts. We print parts to a representative size in rapid time. This allows for rigorous testing and evaluation on a scaled model of your design.

Furthermore, your 3D printed models can be used to entice customers about the new product well before it is manufactured.

Is your engineering department or drawing office working at its full capacity? Do you need some help to get a product to market? Get in touch with us today to see how we can bring your ideas to life.

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