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Your ideal Industrial Design Consultancy with mechanical design engineers that excels in product design and development and delivers top of the line designs for manufacture


JOA Designs is an Industrial Design Consultancy that leverages resources to provide complete product design and development solution. Also, we provide mechanical design, engineering and product development services. It caters to a plethora of industries and meets client expectations. We promise to deliver complete, cost-effective Mechanical and Product Design solutions that are safe, practical, functional and guaranteed lowered time-to-market.

Empowering mechanical design engineer and Development

Each solution is built around safety, functionality performance and practicality, whilst considering the commercial viability and manufacturability of your project. Moreover, as a Design for Manufacture expert, we put a keen focus on regulatory compliance. Also, we focus on design requirements to deliver exceptional results using Solidworks and Autodesk Inventor. 

Furthermore, we provide the complete product design and development solution by having a team of skilled product designers and mechanical design engineers. Also, we have years of experience in the industry and using the following software, SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor. Additionally, our offerings include specialist insight, design capabilities, and Design for Manufacture offerings, and keen intuition of our creatives team. Therefore, with exceptional skillsets, years of experience, the latest technologies, and creativity, our team brings your ideas to life! In short, we deliver practical, functional, manufacturable and commercially viable solutions to our customers.


Here at JOA Designs, we believe in delivering outstanding results to different industries with effective product and development solutions. Similarly, with years of experience, our expert team has all the skills to make your idea into a commercial success. Our skill set includes Solidworks and Autodesk Inventor expertise, and technological capabilities. Therefore, having design for Manufacture capabilities, mechanical design engineers and top of the industrial engineers, we build 3D models. These are based on your requirements quickly and cost-effectively.

Customized Design for Manufacture Solutions

Our design capabilities as a leading Industrial Design Consultancy enables us to bring your vision to life. This can then be analysed using our in house 3D packages, prototyped, manufactured and tested. In short, whether you need our full services to create your product, or as a standalone service to generate a concept product, our product design and development solutions are scalable and practical.

Practical, Scalable and Viable Industrial Design Consultancy

We bring your vision to life, with constantly improving the design, 3D view of the model, prototyping, and testing. As an expert, we understand that the best way to communicate your idea to the world is with a real-world object. Which is practical, scalable, functional, offers manufacturability and is commercially viable. Therefore, we believe that designs created from an idea need to be refined, intelligent, up-to-date and practical. Calling attention to detail, our Mechanical and Product Design solutions, and Solidworks and Autodesk Inventor expertise revolve around the concept of continuous improvement and enhancing capabilities.

Moreover, a design is only finalised when it adds to the technical possibilities of its idea. We follow a comprehensive strategy which leads to commercial success. Also, we create outputs that contribute value greater than the sum of its parts and offer improvement and innovation compared to the conventional way. Additionally, our people work toward progress, which is why we continuously look for enhanced product design solutions and fresh possibilities. As a leading Industrial Design Consultancy, we follow the Principles of Great Design, enabling:

  • Superior Process & Quality
  • Improved Engineering analysis & CAE
  • Powerful Industrial Design Services
  • Enhanced Design for Manufacture Capabilities
  • Prototype Build & Testing
  • Higher Product Cost Reduction 
  • And, Reverse Engineering Services

Capabilities That Fuel Product Design and Development

Therefore, as a top Industrial Design Consultancy, we pride ourselves on creating excellent product design. An essential part of achieving industrial design criteria, enhancing functionality without compromise, offers an innovative solution and having marketable value. Clever mechanical assemblies that cater to simple product needs to large scale commercial site deployment needs. Also, we offer product design and development solutions that are scalable and affordable. Moreover, we thrive on technical challenges and relish opportunities to provide improved, innovative, and inspiring solutions to our customers. Using SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor our mechanical design engineers have the capabilities of delivering manufacturable, sustainable, and invaluable engineering solutions to our customers.

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We offer solutions that are fit for market and purpose. These value, are practical, and commercially viable. Rather than creating a product to sell, we help you in designing an answer that checks your customer’s criteria. Moreover, our continuous product design and development and Design for Manufacture capabilities are what builds value into the design. This makes your product effective, functional, and indispensable. Our team has skilled product designers and mechanical design engineers. Therefore, we spare no effort in making your product live up to its potential. Capitalizing on our wealth of experience, our main focus is towards creating value for the end-user. Also, we refine, remodel, design, prototype, create client understanding, and test. Our solution is complete and affordable for big and small players in the industry alike. 

Mechanical Design Engineer
Mechanical Design Engineer

Empowering mechanical design engineer with Solidworks

Driven by improvement, innovation, and inspiration, we work towards creating value through engineering and offer sustainability. Therefore, offering a cost-effective solution, we as a renowned Industrial Design Consultancy. We pride ourselves over creating relevant and practical designs. Moreover, we help deliver value to your customers by spotting the potential in your idea and making it a reality. Additionally, having years of experience, and working with countless industries, we offer a balance of knowledge that is effective in solving many engineering and technical challenges customers face today. 

Capitalise on the Potential of Your Idea, with our expert team of mechanical design engineers and product designers. Thereby, lower your time to market with our fast delivery, and turn your idea into a commercial success. Therefore, creating designs that work and look good, furthermore, we ensure that your idea excels the criteria of practicality, functionality, and performance. In short, with our engineering analysis, 3D modelling, Design for manufacture capabilities, Prototyping, Cost Reduction strategies, and continuous Product Design and Development – monetise on your idea and expand your business.

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