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Street furniture design consultancy

We are a street furniture design consultancy that helps you convert your architectural urban design concepts into manufacturable products

Urban street furniture

Street furniture design consultancy

We have a dedicated and qualified staff that will strive to collaborate closely with you from start to finish on your project. Our staff consists of individuals with extensive expertise in the urban street furniture industries that can assist you in realising your vision.

For a range of significant organisations around the world, we have previously produced a variety of urban street furniture, outdoor furniture as well as metal and wooden street furniture including benches, bespoke street planters, urban designs, bollards, and more.

Our designers perform extensive research, allowing us to create high-quality, affordable designs while also guaranteeing that the designs are always appropriate for your requirements depending on your aesthetic preferences.

Enviromentally driven product designs

The JOA Designs team has developed an outstanding and stylish line of designs that have assisted and contributed to many communities in modernising and improving the environment throughout the years we’ve spent designing.

We value the diversity and unity of the various communities with which we work. We use these cultural identities to inspire us to create innovative environmental street furniture to suit your community.

Our urban street furniture work

Over the years, our team has accumulated a wealth of experience dealing with urban street furniture. We’ve assisted in the development of designs for litter bins, seats in shopping centers, parks, and other public spaces for a variety of companies. As a result, we make it our mission to increase the utilisation of open spaces in your community, as well as improving people’s interactions with nature, by ensuring that our designs are focused on creating a pleasing urban environment.


street furniture planters

Street furniture planters

Street furniture planters are among the most exciting things for our team to design. Our designers have aided in the development of numerous planters for a wide range of communities and organisations. The street furniture planters we’ve designed can be found on the sides of roads, and in store fronts. Our designs have also been installed in a large number of public locations to benefit the environment by separating automobiles and increasing road safety.

Our designers create stunning designs for our clients’ using Solidworks or AutoCAD inventor. Our clients tell us that our street furniture planters designs have helped improved the entire look, feel, and design of wherever they intended it to be, as well as making it so much more appealing to the general public.

Working with Wooden Street furniture

At JOA Designs. Our designers are unrestricted in their creativity and are constantly designing the finest wooden street furniture possible. and it has been used all over the world for many years. We design our urban street furniture using a variety of materials, such as FSC Iroko wood, concrete, steel, and recycled materials, as well as a number of other materials depending on your needs.

Our efforts do not end there. We have assisted in the development of a variety of metal street furniture in addition to wooden street furniture. We’ve also created hybrid designs for a variety of wood and metal furniture. Our multi-talented design team is what makes us so pleasant to work with and allows us to create designs with any material. Our highly skilled design team works with Solidworks and Inventor to create any type of design you desire.  

street furniture manufacturers

Our relationships

Our relationships with you are extremely essential to us, and it is critical to our company’s success. We devote a great deal of time and effort to meeting your needs and providing the best service possible to ensure the success of your project. JOA Designs stands out from the rest because of our meticulous attention to detail.

We strive to build good ties with all of the organisations with whom we work with, outdoor furniture manufacturers and collaborators included. So that we may all prosper and work together to develop ideas and improve the street furniture we design. We will constantly strive to flourish together at JOA Designs. We have created strong partnerships and relationships with a range of companies in many industries including street furniture manufacturers.

We recognise that in order to generate the best goods for you , we need to maintain open lines of contact with a variety of street furniture manufacturers. This ensures that your ‘ products are developed to their full potential. Working with these companies has provided our designers with a wealth of information which we utilise on all our projects, as well as insight into how we may enhance our existing ideas. We are able to adapt to your requirements and provide you with a broad selection of manufacturers and pricing to select from. This is a valuable service we can offer you in order to assist you in designing items that are appropriate for your aesthetics.

Industrial partnerships​

We collaborate with landscape architects, urban and environmental design teams, and artists to turn our clients’ ideas into items that can be manufactured. Our engineers, artists, and designers can help you at any stage of your design process, whether it’s concept development, product refinement, or design for manufacture. We are happy to work as your external arm when you are overloaded during your peak season, we also have the capacity to manage your project from start to finish

Our designers create stunning designs for our clients’ using Solidworks or AutoCAD inventor. Our clients tell us that our street furniture planters designs have helped improved the entire look, feel, and design of wherever they intended it to be, as well as making it so much more appealing to the general public.

urban bench

Why choose JOA Designs?

We have a team of qualified, skilled and experienced designers, artists and engineers that have been contributing to the global environmental street furniture scene for years. We’ve developed many partnerships with street furniture manufacturers and others in the business, as well as other industries. As a result, we’re able to help you even more with product design and development by providing early and easy insight into what your product might look like. So, no matter how far along you are with your product design, JOA Designs can always aid you and help you finish your project with the least amount of difficulty. Why not get in touch with us to see what we can do for you?

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