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From DriveWorks to iLogic, we can integrate a studio quality configurator onto your website.


What is design automation?

Design Automation enables you to configure, redesign, and accelerate the design process in order to produce bespoke products quickly. We can automate your design process with DriveWorks, saving you time. It is a cost-effective way to create precise drawings automatically, and it helps you to free up resources for innovation.

DriveWorks Pro services at JOA Designs

At JOA Designs, we can drastically cut the time it takes to redesign your products. To summarise, Driveworks can help you improve operational inefficiency from the design team to the manufacturing department. As you go through the selection process with the DriveWorks Pro interface, your model and drawings are immediately updated in the back end. Driveworks automates the creation of bespoke products for your clients, allowing your sales team to create unique designs, quotation letters, engineering drawings, and confirmation letters for your customers while discussing their needs over a cup of tea.

sales configurator
What is driveworks pro?

Seamless transition to error-free processes with DriveWorks

Most manufacturing companies put a lot of pressure on their engineers to design bespoke variations of their existing products without making costly mistakes. However, this can result in products that aren’t up to par, which can impact your companies reputation. Although your engineering department, can save time by customising an existing design, mistakes can still be made, critical details missed and this process can be time-consuming, with Driveworks design changes can be made within seconds.

Using Design automation as a product configurator, you can reduce design errors, rework, delays, and additional design costs! Design automation is a very effective way to improve your sales without putting additional stress on your design team.
Would you like to find out more about how design automation can assist your engineers? Book a free 30 minutes consultation to find out how we can help you!

Eliminate costly design errors with DriveWorks

Driveworks generates your bespoke customer requests automatically on the backend, relieving the burden on your design staff to make adjustments for new clients.
While empowering your sales team by allowing them to create your customer’s bespoke requirements from a tablet or laptop; by implementing an online product configurator, your sales team can generate engineering drawings, confirmation letters, quotation letters, 3D renders, and much more, all while discussing your customer’s other requirements over a cup of tea.


All our DriveWorks solutions are tailor made for you

Customised items result in increased sales, higher profits, more revenue, as well as a large number of pleased and satisfied consumers. Many manufacturing organisations route new design inquiries and adjustments through the sales team during normal business hours.

Implementing an online sales configurator on your website might assist you in removing bottlenecks within your organisation.
Your consumers can use an online product configurator to:

Create product variations
Automatically generate a confirmation letter
Automatically generate quotation letters
Automatically generate Dates of delivery and much more
All of this can be done 24 hours a day, seven days a week with no involvement from your sales team.

Work smarter not harder with DriveWorks

Is it time for you to start working smarter? Say farewell to manual labour and hello to efficient automated processes. Reduce your labour costs and free up more time for creativity. DriveWorks takes a new approach, relying on simple, straightforward principles and decision logic. In a nutshell, this will save you time, money, and energy.

To truly automate your organisation, we can quickly collect and reuse your design, manufacturing, and cost expertise.

Giving your engineers more time to focus on product quality improvement, innovation, and new product development.


DriveWork’s Packages

We offer design automation services to businesses of all sizes by utilising the Driveworks packages shown below.

  • DriveworksXpress
  • Driveworks SOLO
  • Driveworks PRO

DriveworksXpress is an amazing internal solution for starting your automation journey. It allows you to customize your models from within Solidworks by filling out a simple form.

Driveworks SOLO is a low-cost upgrade to Xpress, DriveWorks Pro can connect to your ERP system and email client, allowing for future product customization while using a customised form within Solidworks. Drivework’s PRO, on the other hand, integrates sales and manufacturing to build bespoke models efficiently while providing a user-friendly user interface that can be placed on your website or utilised internally by your sales staff. JOA Designs specialises in all Drivework packages and we strive to provide you with a professional and dependable service.

You are not alone – JOA Designs has got your back!

In today’s technologically advanced world, you are not alone. Because JOA Designs has your back. Our skilled engineers are ready to assist you in making the most of your new automated models.

JOA Designs design automation services is amongst the best in the industry, as well as unrivaled services and training. We’ve dealt with many organizations in your situation — firms that have invested time and money in the Driveworks software but haven’t been able to implement it correctly. Don’t give up hope — we will get you up and running like never before.

Insight into our vision

Before beginning work on your projects, JOA Designs strives to completely grasp your DriveWorks requirements. Regardless of the project’s size or complexity, our team commits to delivering an excellent solution. We provide adaptable and cost-effective designs, products, and services that fit your needs.

We believe in our key values at JOA Designs: maintaining integrity, delivering client happiness, and providing innovation. All of these characteristics assist us to stand out from the crowd. Send us your product today for a free Driveworks design automation consultation to help you get back on track with your goals.

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