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Industrial product design​

We are a product design consultancy that handles all of your product design and development needs. We are a consultancy that offers engineering services and DriveWorks services.

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The journey to improvement is never-ending. We believe in consistent hard effort and using the most up-to-date tactics to get there. ​

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We believe in identifying the best design techniques and solutions to your product design and technical challenges.

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We are eager to add to your expertise. We aspire to inspire the next generation of product design engineers by offering training and tutoring services.

Our product design story

JOA Designs began as a dedication to creating and bringing ideas to life, and it has since evolved to become a prominent product design engineering firm in the space. We’ve got you covered on everything from product engineering to bringing your ideas to life with an expert team. To put it another way, our expert mechanical product design engineers are at the heart of our product design and development team.

Our mission is to help you promote innovation throughout your company. Design, concept generation, and prototyping are all areas in which we are passionate. We are also experts in design for manufacture (DFM), 3D visualization and design automation with DriveWorks, having worked in the industry for many years. After all, the most appealing aspect of a design is its simplicity.

Product design consultancy

Our experience enables us to deliver extraordinary product design​

Even the simplest of materials can be transformed into masterpieces with dedication and competent labour. In other words, being able to use a diverse design service and reuse design expertise allows us to improve and progress. As a result, we provide effective and cost-effective design solutions every day. Our target is to be able to provide a comprehensive solution under one roof, by providing value-added services while finishing your projects. Furthermore, we ensure that your design investment is a commercial success.

Our significant industry experience allows us to dynamically create projects with our ever-expanding knowledge base and prototyping capabilities. We have the skillset, approach, and drive to ensure the success of your next project. Take advantage of, our industrial product design consultancy and DriveWorks services, today.

Our Aim

We are dedicated to providing outstanding design and development services. We understand capacity is a major issue for many of the firms we work with, and by outsourcing your design needs to us, we can relieve some of the pressure on your team, allowing them to focus on new product development. Our goal is to make the most of your design packages. Using design automation, we can turn even the most tedious redesigning jobs into a form-filling activity.

We are a product design engineering consultancy with all of the necessary expertise and services to meet your requirements on time. We also believe in leveraging resources, amplifying intelligence, and strategic thinking as a trusted essential player in the business.

Our Vision

Our mission is to empower you by assisting you in improving your designs and processes. As a result, we strive to help you innovate, cut costs, and increase your profit margin. Above all, with our ever-expanding knowledge base, we can turn ideas into reality. Our vision can be achieved thanks to our devoted staff and great market insight.

Similarly, we endeavor to bring your idea to reality, assisting in the revolutionisation of your sector and providing unique product design and development solutions. Although our main focus area is in the following sectors street furniture, architectural metalwork, store displays, cabins, and modular constructions industries, we also provide design services to sheet metal fabricators, precision-engineered products, and a variety of other businesses.

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