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JOA Designs is a product design consultancy with many partners in Manchester

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Industrial design consultancy Manchester

JOA Designs is an industrial design consultancy with a lot of experience performing design work in Manchester, we’ve built a lot of relationships there over the years. Manchester is the country’s fifth-largest population, resulting in a diverse set of interactions and product designs with a variety of sectors. The city is brimming with a range of street furniture, and it borders a big number of towns with which we love to collaborate. We look to contribute to the development of street furniture and other product ideas that benefit the environment and society in Manchester and its neighbours.

Our top work in Manchester

We have dealt with industrial and product designs projects all across Manchester. JOA Designs is well-known in Manchester among a number of firms and industries for providing product design services, 3d product renders, design automation, and a variety of other projects in Manchester and its surrounding towns.
We’ve built a large network of trust and contacts in Manchester, allowing us to work with you with greater ease and precision if you’re based here. We have a diverse crew that can work in various different fields at any moment, regardless of how far along the project design process you are. Throughout the years, our multi-talented team has created product designs all around Manchester utilising a variety of software’s, including AutoCAD inventor and Solidworks.

industrial design consultancy manchester
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What we guarantee

We recognise that product design is much more than just the final product. We evaluate a variety of factors, including your budget and deadlines, and we always promise certain things for you ahead of time so that you may feel confident in putting your trust in us.
We are known for our quickness and ability to fulfil deadlines while maintaining a unique style and satisfying our clients’ requirements. We are a well-known Industrial design consultancy in Manchester for our product design skills, our designers have extensive knowledge and expertise in dealing with a wide range of issues.

We have worked meticulously to refine our product design, 3d product renders processes as well as the other services we provide, in addition to the assurances that we supply you with. We would gladly take you through our unique approach whether you are in Manchester or elsewhere in the UK.

We start by performing research and then working with you to create a design brief. We consider how we may differentiate ourselves from the competition by identifying gaps in the current market. We can contact manufacturers who have a better knowledge of what your finished product will look like to acquire a better understanding of your concept. These professionals have already worked with our Industrial design consultancy in Manchester and throughout the United Kingdom, so we have a good working relationship with them.

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We follow a rigorous and battle tested process whilst developing your product, this helps us to answer all the issues you’ve raised to us in your design brief. During this time, and throughout the project, we will ensure that we work closely with you. We will then start developing your product after we have completed our research and created a precise design brief that satisfies your requirements and that you are happy with. We can utilise 3d product renders to help you envision your product, which is something we’ve done a lot with clients in Manchester.

Following that, you’ll be able to identify design possibilities, which will give you a better idea of what your final product will look like. At this point, we’ll be using software’s like Solidworks and others that allow you to test your product in a 3D environment. To ensure you have a robust product, we can conduct FEA and CFD analysis on the developed designs. We communicate with you frequently throughout this time because we are at the most critical stages of the project. We’ll keep you updated on all you need to know and invite you to participate in physical simulation tests of your product to guarantee it satisfies your requirements.

We undertake additional testing and simulations before submitting all of the drawings and manufacturing specifications to your manufacturing company to ensure that the product is perfect for you. We double-check your project brief and ensure that all of your criteria are met, as well as a lot of communication from us to deal with any queries you might have.Before we send the product designs to your manufacturers, we make sure there is enough room for you to make changes at any time. As your designs and details near completion, we begin to prepare all of the necessary paperwork for your manufacturers, ensuring that there are no delays for you and that everything runs smoothly.

After the project is completed at the required pace and in a timely and efficient manner. We hope to maintain a positive working relationship with you in the future and assist you with any future projects. We at JOA Designs think that solid relationships are essential to the growth of our communities. We believe whether you’re based in Manchester, or elsewhere in the United Kingdom, we will be the most convenient industrial design consultancy for you. So, why not get in touch with us? email us your enquiry at or phone us at 0191-486-2099.

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