Industrial design consultancy Newcastle

JOA Designs is a product design consultancy with an office based in Newcastle Tyne and Wear.

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Industrial design consultancy Newcastle

Newcastle is home to a large number of clients with whom we enjoy working with, as well as being the location for our head office. It is the biggest city located in the north East of England. It is also the UK’s eighth most populous city, Newcastle is an innovative and industrial city, we provide a lot of our Industrial design consultancy services to local small manufacturing enterprises SMEs within this great city.

What we do

JOA Designs is a well-known product design consultancy within Newcastle, we can help you with all of your product design and development requirements. We provide a wide range of services to help you with whatever project you’re working on. Because of our multi-talented and experienced design staff, we offer a wide range of services. We’ve conducted many design developments in Newcastle and our projects include product design, design automation and rendering, as well as new initiatives in the street furniture industry.

We are an Industrial design consultancy who are dedicated to providing the right service for our clients. Our devoted team uses SolidWorks and AutoCAD inventor, as well as any other 3D CAD software you may require, to have your product designed as efficiently and thoroughly as possible.

Industrial Design Consultancy Newcastle
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Our relationships in Newcastle

We also have a lot of connections with manufacturers and other companies in the sector, including a large number of businesses situated in Newcastle. Working with clients in Newcastle has resulted in a range of our product design being such a success in this city. We also like creating a lot of street furniture in this city to aid with the growth of the urban spaces around the city. We do, however, have links all throughout the United Kingdom and have created relationships in a number of other cities.

We can support you with your designs all the way to manufacturing because of these connections. We can assist you in locating the appropriate manufacturers to produce your ideas at a cost-effective and timely manner. This distinguishes us from the rest in the business because we can offer you more in exchange for working with us, and we want to create a relationship with you so that we can assist you with future projects. To learn more about what we can do for you, feel free to contact us at or call 0191-486-2099.

Getting started with our product design process, we perform extensive research to determine whether items comparable to yours are already on the market, we then develop a framework to set your project apart from the competition. By discovering a gap in the present market that we can fill we can look to go on to the next phase.

We will look to establish a design brief and a specification at this phase. In our product design brief, we ensure that nothing is left out and that everything is addressed. Following this, we’ll start working on developing your concept.

street furniture manufacturers

Then, before constructing a product, we look at a variety of design options. We’ll also show you a visual representation of what your finished product will look like after it’s been manufactured. We use Solidworks, inventor, and a variety of other applications to develop your product in a 3D environment, the 3D CAD model gives us the ability to conduct visual tests, FEA, and CFD analysis on your product before we create a physical prototype. We will, of course, conduct physical tests on your product and provide you the opportunity to enhance it before moving on to the next phase.

Following the 3D analyses and phase one prototyping, we conduct further development on your product to ensure it is serving its purpose, further simulations and additional physical tests are conducted to ensure the product is fit for its purpose.

At this point, we double-check all of the crucial details to ensure that your project will be successful by reviewing the materials, colour, and anything else you’d like to modify before it goes into production. Of course, we ensure to supply all of the documentation and paperwork necessary for the manufacturers, making sure that no detail is forgotten. We make certain that all of your requirements are satisfied, stated, and valid.

Although your Product design journey comes to an end here, our partnership does not. We hope to establish a great relationship with you and assist you with any future initiatives. At JOA Designs, we strive to succeed as a team and as a group. Every step of the way, our designers can assist you. So, if you’re in Newcastle, within the North East, or anywhere else in the UK, get in touch with us below to learn more about why JOA Designs is the right product design consultancy for you.

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