The benefits of using a product design consultancy in Derby

JOA Designs is a product design consultancy with many industrial partners in Derby

Product design consultancy in Derby

Product design consultancy in Derby

Known for the first factory in the world and the birthplace of fictional character Lara Croft, Derby is a popular location for all sorts of businesses, including our product design consultancy. Many businesses in Derby have recruited our design professionals to collaborate with their research and development teams on a variety of projects.

These projects have included collaborations with well-known retailers, educational community centers and universities. Our designers have also created concepts for parks and tourist attractions throughout Derbyshire. With a population of over 260,000, it’s no surprise that many of our most popular metallic and timber furniture designs are developed here.

Inspiring youth in Derby

We also have several online Solidworks training classes that we have held here for many engineering and product design university students, as well as internships, to help them succeed and achieve their career goals. Our designers at JOA Designs are continuously looking for ways to motivate and inspire young individuals to pursue their ambitions.

One of the reasons we are a renowned successful product design consultancy in Derby is our cooperation with educational institutions and our large number of youthful personnel.

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Our experts know your industry

Our designers have worked on a number of projects involving a variety of sectors alongside design for manufacture, so they already have in-depth understanding of yours. Our professionals have worked in a variety of industries and have taken numerous courses to keep up with the newest trends in your field. Our specialists are likely to have already assisted in the design or production of anything similar to or identical to your product. The designers will be able to produce a concept that meets your needs, whether your products require a modern touch to help push them further or a professional covering to appeal to your target market.

Your research and development team are unlikely to have worked on many projects, but our engineers will be able to guide them and assist them in creating designs based on their knowledge in the sector as well as previous work with students.


Providing you with experts and giving you time

When you hire our designers, you’ll find that there’s already a team in place to handle your demands and any resources you might need. They will have a strategy in place ahead of time, as well as providing solutions to solve difficult challenges that may arise throughout the design process. Your research and development team will be provided with numerous tools to assist them in their task, as well as a project manager who will be able to keep track of all the individuals and activity being accomplished, allowing you to stand back and concentrate on other vital areas of the project.

You won’t have to worry about missing anything important because the project manager will connect with you on a frequent basis and provide you with plenty of insight about how the project is progressing.

You can do more by spending less

The primary benefit of engaging a creative team is for experience during the design phase while developing your design for manufacture, but there are also cost savings. You will save money by not having to keep an in-house research and development team throughout the year but only for the duration of your project if you hire our designers.

If you have a small R&D team, instead of investing in a full-time R&D staff, you can employ our designers to collaborate with them and produce more consumer-focused designs applying their expertise and knowledge. Therefore, you can spend the money saved on employing personnel for a complete in-house R&D team into a design consultancy by minimising the costs of hiring staff for a full in-house R&D team.

You can put the money you save into goods that will enhance our design for manufacture or your research and development team. You may even utilise this to assist in the marketing of your product, which our designers can advise you on based on current market trends since they have worked on numerous projects where they have assisted in the creation of marketing campaigns.

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Consumer focused designs and better results

When you hire our design team, you are not just employing a few design specialists, but also a young team that is up to date on the latest and most current trends. Our young and experienced staff can bring good energy while retaining a hard-working mentality, whether it’s a design for manufacture, marketing campaigns, or assisting increase your R&D team’s morale and overall progress.
This will produce superior outcomes across the board and help you promote your product to the next level, setting you apart from your industry’s other competitors. Alongside you, our design team will create surveys and research to guarantee that your product satisfies the needs of your customers.

Our team, along with your R&D team, will set timelines that they expect to reach in order to ensure that time is set aside for consumer-focused testing and development. Guaranteeing that your product is ready and the design for manufacture is completed effectively.

Advantages of our design teams:


  • To maintain a balance approach to your projects, our design team consists of younger personnel combined with more experienced designers.
  • We can offer you with a project manager that will allow you some room to operate while keeping you up to date on your project.
  • Since the designers are already familiar with your business and have already conducted work within the sector, your project will always benefit from advanced knowledge and expertise.
  • We can assist you in cutting costs so that you can put it towards the development and marketing of your product.
  • Our experts are able to create and make your design consumer focused and ensuring better results when your project is finally launched.
  • Our expertise can construct and make your design more consumer-focused, resulting in greater results when your project is released.
  • We will be able to present you with various options and reductions once the design is done and prepared for manufacture since we already have numerous relationships throughout the world with a range of manufacturers.
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Prepare your design for manufacture today

We hope to hear from you soon and collaborate together on another fantastic project in the future. Please contact us using the form below to learn more about why our product design consultancy in Derby and throughout the world has helped business organisations build items that have completely revolutionised their businesses over the years.

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