Product development and prototyping – Principle element of Industrial Design

Many standard practices used in Industries boost the efficiency and ability to stay on top of the line. The industrial design technique is a technique in use since the 18 century. By incorporating the latest design and techniques, manufacturing companies are utilising this technique to date. The first question arising in your mind is probably, what is an industrial design? And how does it help in new product development and prototyping? Let’s start by getting your questions answered.

What is industrial design?

Industrial design is not a new process. Back in the old days of industrial development, product development was a prolonged process. However, at the time, the manufacturing industry was not so big. On-demand product manufacturing was the standard practice. Moreover, mass production hadn’t come in existence till then. As the industries grew and started composing at a larger scale. Therefore, a new method was essential to keep things on track, which lead to the process of industrial design.

Basic definition

“industrial design is a design process for product development i.e. products that utilise mass production and manufacturing techniques.” 

Year by year, the manufacturing industry has evolved due to the increasing demand for products. The evolving industry requires an evolution in the designing process. All in the efforts to increase efficiency and maintain the reputation of a company. Moreover, to complete orders on time while maintaining quality. Quality Control of products is not as easy as it sounds, and this is where industrial design kicks in.

Usually, the manufacturing process is set aside so that designers can concentrate on product development dedicatedly. Also, it is the need of the hour to come up with optimised designs for the best user experience. Therefore, Industrial design deals with producing product designs while keeping the end-user in mind. The result is safe, useful, usable, and enjoyable products that are well within the specifications.

Product development

Creativity and imagination are essential for designing products that are interesting and effective. Along with this, it allows the user to enjoy the product at its fullest. Industrial designers have a broad skill set, including imagination and creativity, fulfilling the requirements to create an excellent design.

 New product development requires time and lots of intuition. Which is why at JOA designs, our product designers keep an eye on the market statistics. Customer demands and feedback, when utilised, create such a product that keeps the end-user in focus. JOA designs offer competing products. Common design elements, when paired with extensive research, help design the best products.

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Product Development

Some of the elements that industrial design focuses on new product development are:

  • Overall shape and size,
  • Colours and textures,
  • Choice of materials,
  • Product usage,
  • The positioning of specific details and features,
  • Point of scale.

New product development and prototypes

Developing and designing a new product requires a lot of steps. Industrial designers start by designing a product. Before any design gets released for manufacturing, products are prototyped.

Firstly, during the process of product development specifications such as scale, shape, dimensions, and forms, the designer provides them. Secondly, prototype designers use these details to create a mechanically functioning prototype. The prototype works as the first detailed look at the designer’s vision. A prototype delivers the aesthetics and ergonomics of the product design.  

Finally, once the prototype is ready, rigours testing methods rule out flaws and errors in the product design. After these checks, the deficiencies identified on the prototype are reported and logged in a development journal. The product development department receives the design amendments. With the acquired testing information, better and flawless products are recreated.

In short, creating prototypes of a product is essential for almost every manufacturing industry. Without prototyping, faulty, and misdesigned products can enter the market. Such glitches push down the industry’s reputation. The product design process is carried out repetitively until the required results are realised. Moreover, the product produced must comply with the prototype as it fulfils all design requirements. Ultimately the practical design is safe for large scale manufacturing and gets a go-ahead for production.  

Improvements in manufacturing by industrial design

There are several benefits a company can achieve by introducing new industrial designs such as:

On-time release of New Products

After a company finalises the prototype of a new product, it gives a mass production date and release date. After that, it is a must for that company to fulfil what they promise to keep the company’s reputation up to mark. For this, the advertised product rolled out in the market should have no evident differences. To make it possible industrial design can perform several prototype trials to create the end product as best as viable. 

Production times decreased

JOA designs have very skilful industrial designers in employment. With their experience and knowledge, ergonomic is integral to every product development. They can create outstanding designs in a significantly reduced amount of time. Such experienced designers can quickly identify features and parts of the product that can be enhanced. Design improvement is critical to elevate the user experience. By reusing standard methodologies and practices, the time required from design to production, and then sales can be reduced significantly.

Product Development

Increased variety of products

During the product development phase, industrial designers come up with many ideas that sometimes are not used and are left aside. But these ideas remained floating around and revisited during new product development. With new ideas remaining, the industrial designers can create new designs and products at a quicker rate. It results in a variety of products available in the market, ultimately increasing the company’s sales.

Quick design changes made possible

With the help of industrial design, product development has never been easier. Whether the changes to the existing products are due to the customer’s demand or amendments in law and regulations for the sale of the product, with industrial design, all changes are a work of few clicks. Preset options are available to select from and customise the product on demand. 

Take action today and improve your business

JOA designs provide excellent industrial designing opportunities. At JOA designs, we cover the industrial designing end of product manufacturing. We provide complete product development and designing solutions. Our services offer comprehensive, cost-effective, and safe plans. Ultimately resulting in guaranteed lower lead time to market.

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