The benefits of using a product design consultancy in Newcastle

JOA Designs is a product design consultancy with an office based in Newcastle

Product design consultancy in newcastle

Product design consultancy in Newcastle

Newcastle upon Tyne has a nearly 2,000-year history, during which time it has been ruled by the Romans, the Angles, and the Normans, among others. Newcastle is one of the largest and most popular cities in the north east of England, as well as the most inhabited, with a population of over 300,000 people. It’s no surprise that some of the country’s top manufacturers and companies call Newcastle home. We have designers that have graduated from Newcastle University and have provided them with internships so that we can aid them in attaining their career goals.

Our office for our product design consultancy in Newcastle is also the origin of JOA Designs and is where our very first office is located.

Our work in Newcastle

Since Newcastle is where our company began, the work we do there feels extremely different from the rest of the projects we work on. We believe that giving back to the environment and the people in Newcastle is very essential, thus we make sure that we participate in services that benefit both educational institutions and the environment. We’ve collaborated with major stakeholders on projects to create a variety of street furniture, including urban benches, gates, and playground equipment, as well as bins to help keep our city clean and safe while promoting recycling.

We also believe in assisting students in achieving their goals, which is why, as previously stated, we offer Solidworks tutorials and other software assistance to students to provide extra support on their courses as well as ensure they have all of the necessary knowledge to pursue careers in their desired industries.


Expertise to complete projects

It is critical to have experts and experience at every level of the design for manufacture product development process. For example, your research and development team may be able to successfully conduct material and requirement studies, but they may lack competence in the design phase. As a result, it is critical that you invest in our product designers, who are capable of creating product designs from the concept to completion, and all your research and development teams need to do is provide them with sufficient information.

Our designers have previously worked with R&D teams similar to yours and understand what it takes to develop a successful product.

Product design

Materials and software experience

The design for manufacture phase is critical to the completion and development of a product, and you will not be successful on your project if you lack design knowledge. Our designers have years of experience and high credentials with a range of design software, including Solidworks, Autodesk inventor, DriveWorks, and others, depending on the clients’ needs. To ensure that your products are appealing to your customers as well as being fit for purpose, you’ll need a lot of experience with 3D design software’s.
SOLIDWORKS is a parametric design software that allows you to alter the design at any point during the design process. Solidworks is used by our designers to ensure that any adjustments you want to make to your product at any time are possible.

Supplying you with extra help

As you may be aware, projects can become quite challenging and demanding, and your research and development team may begin to struggle, which is why you should use our product design consultancy in Newcastle. We’d put together a design team for you as soon as you’re ready to hire them.

By looking at the design for manufacture briefs you will supply, the design team will perform their own research on similar items they have designed. They will be aware of the scope of work required for your project and will offer your R&D team any assistance they may require. They would also inform you of any further resources you might require for success, as well as provide input on your existing designs.

research and development
Design for manufacture

Handling your project

We’d also assign an experienced member of our team to oversee the design and research and development teams, ensuring that everything is on track for production. By assigning a project manager to handle all of the critical scenarios during the project, you will have more time to focus on other areas in the future, such as manufacturing and testing.

It also provides you with an experienced person who has overseen numerous projects similar to yours and understands how to overcome obstacles such as when specific members of staff are unable to finish work or when there is a lack of resources. Throughout the process, the project coordinator will be in close contact with you to ensure you don’t miss things.

You are guaranteed success

By enlisting the help of a product design consultancy in Newcastle to work alongside your research and development team, you can ensure that no staffing issues arise. The reason for this is simple: because your research and development team are made up of employees who can be complemented by our experienced engineers, your project may continue without losing critical members of your team.

Our designers also guarantee that work is delivered on schedule and that they may be replaced by other essential members of our team if problems arise. Our designers also have sufficient knowledge to undertake specific tests and investigations without having to rely excessively on purchasing resources.

You may be assured of success on any project you want to do if you take all of this into account, as well as the understanding our designers have gained from past projects.

Design for manufacture

Contact us your design for manufacture

If you’re wanting to start your design for manufacture journey on a project, we believe we can successfully assist you in attaining success. We also have a large network of manufacturers throughout the United Kingdom, so you won’t have to worry about how to develop and produce your goods. We give you with all of the necessary information, as well as all of the prices, and we consult with you to ensure that your product is a success. We also aim to collaborate with you on future projects and develop a strong partnership through which we can achieve greater success.

Please contact us using the form below for more information on why we are such a reputable product design consultancy in Newcastle.

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