What is DriveWorks Solo?

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What is DriveWorks Solo?​

DriveWorks Solo is a package designed to provide you with an easy, fast, and powerful approach to automate your SOLIDWORKS models

What is driveworks solo?

What is DriveWorks Solo?

What is driveworks solo? DriveWorks Solo is a paid for design automation within the Solidworks ecosystem developed by Driveworks. DriveWorks Solo is a package designed to provide you with an easy, fast, and powerful approach to automating your SOLIDWORKS models. Driveworks Solo is a strong internal tool that can be used outside of SOLIDWORKS by non-technical colleagues to assist you on your automation journey.

What is Driveworks Solo? Using your industry knowledge a skilled Driveworks engineer can collect all of the information that needs to be included in your SOLIDWORKS design, including dimensions, features, and components, using your industry knowledge. Create a dynamic, data-driven form and enter the values that will power your design.

The majority of design for manufacture goods are rule and logic-driven; these same rules may be set up in DriveWorks by employing design rules to drive your models. Once all of the back-end rules are in place, a front-end user-friendly form is created that allows users to submit their customers’ requirements. Customer warnings can also be included if certain selections are not available.

Once configured, you can use it repeatedly to generate many fresh versions of your designs, 3D models, Engineering Drawings, Quotation letters, Confirmation letters, and email confirmation. DriveWorks alone is a powerful tool that may help you answer your customers’ requests more quickly than ever before, Driveworks Solo is a good package to get you starting on your online product configurator journey.

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