How to utilise SolidWorks Smart Features to work smarter with 3D Modelling

Solidworks Smart Features

SolidWorks Smart Features can help you Work Smarter, Not Harder. A question we are often asked by our clients is how can you work smarter when 3D modelling?

Our answer to this is very simple – make sure you use your design software to its full potential. Most design software gives you the ability to create a design library be it Solidworks or Inventor.

Design libraries can be used to save a number of things from commonly used sketches, blocks, weldment profiles, parts, assemblies, feature cuts for fixings, and much more.

How to add Solidworks Smart Features

SolidWorks Smart Features 3D Vape Model
Adding Solidworks Smart Features from a Vape Mod

Commonly utilised parts and features within the various design industry can be saved into a design library; fixings including KD blocks, drawer runners, hinges, PCB and fan fixings are used by engineers on a daily basis, depending on their industry, to streamline their projects.

With Solidworks, users can simply drag and drop features, parts and much more into a design library to save them. These features can then be used as many times as required on future projects which saves valuable time.

SolidWorks Smart Features 3D Hinge model
Adding SolidWorks Smart Features from a hinge

Along with this, users can also add some adaptability to these features, making it a smart component where certain parameters can be modified and adjusted before adding them to the model.

Would you like to know more about smart features and the benefits these can bring to your workflow? If you need help in creating a robust design library that streamlines your processes, send your request in today and one of our designers will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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