Enabling a strong foundation with Online SolidWorks Training

PROJECT – Enabling a strong foundation with Online Solidworks Training

ISSUE – With little to no knowledge of SolidWorks, the client wanted some Online SolidWorks training to know the right design process and protocol for creating models on SolidWorks to streamline their process flow.

SOLUTION – Joa Designs provided online one to one Online SolidWorks training to ensure the client had everything. They needed to get started within Solidworks and create a continuous process flow.

Services provided

SERVICE:  Online one to one SOLIDWORKS Training

QUANTITY:  20 Hours

MATERIALS:  SOLIDWORKS online training

FINISHING:  Within a week

LEAD TIME:  1 Week


Design and manufacturing process – Online One to One Solidworks Training.

Project Summary

This project was really rewarding to both us and the client. As we were able to provide individual one to one training that helped the client gain a better knowledge of SOLIDWORKS. As well as the correct design protocol to aid their business flow moving forward.

Lesson one – This lesson explores the basic functions of Solidworks, explaining the user interface, other key functions, useful shortcuts, best design protocol, feature manager, and naming strategy.

Lesson 5 – Once we had finished assisting our client with the design of all the training materials. We started teaching the client how to design their products of choice.

Lesson 14 – In this lesson, we created assemblies based on the client’s product, showing how to insert parts, orientate models. And how to choose and apply the appropriate mates for the application.

Lesson 20 – To conclude the training we assisted our client with creating their own drawing template, along with showing the client how to add multiple views, dimension and export drawings into different formats. We also went through a summary of all topics covered throughout the session, this was completed throughout all of the training.


The client gained a greater knowledge of how to design their products from concept to being manufacturable using SOLIDWORKS. Whilst also gaining a greater knowledge of the correct design and modelling process within Solidworks to simplify their process flow.

There are many companies offering all in one SOLIDWORKS training over a short space of time. From our experience users benefit more from an easier paced learning pattern. Where they can learn when it suits them, in line with our structured training plan. Our one to one service gives our students/clients the opportunity to ask as many questions as they want without feeling like they’re holding up the rest of the class. We also help our clients to create their own products, parts, assemblies and drawing templates so they can continue using the software long after our training classes have been completed.

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