Automation Software by DriveWorks- a new emerging design automation weapon

Technological Combat between Industries

In a technologically developing world, everything is a progression towards automation, which simply means a lower dependency on humans. Today, technology has grown at such a pace, day in and day out. Everything revolves around smart applications with user-friendly interfaces, be it for your cell phone or laptop. We start and end our days with it, and for most of our lives, we rely upon it.

Nowadays, competition between industries has risen to a colossal level to keep profits stable and maintain reputation. It is the need of the hour for industries and manufacturers to embrace new technology as it comes. Thanks to newly emerging manufacturers’ ideas and techniques, industries can consistently make their way up in the competition. However, with the accessibility of technology, keeping up with consumers’ expectations and market demands is not as easy as before.

In addition to the amplified competition, buyers demand the availability of ordered products faster. It directly impacts the lead time with manufacturers as the frame to design, develop, and manufacture products ordered decreases drastically. So, what can manufacturers do to maintain their position in the new competition and not lose their customers? The only plausible solution is to adopt the new emerging design automation software.

Gaining Competitive Advantage with Automation Software

One of the most well-suited and diverse design automation software is DriveWorks. Powered by SolidWorks, DriveWorks automation software is a program developed to automate tasks. It makes it possible to carry out routine tasks automatically through the software rather than execute them manually. This saves time and even the cost of carrying out the task in routine.

With the growing competitiveness of today’s industry, a new attraction provided by manufacturers is custom products. Although custom products generate more revenue, fulfilling such products on time is not as easy as it sounds. Repetitive tasks take up most of the time of a day for an engineer. Even the slight changes and edits to meet the requirements of customers are a handful. Think about what an experienced engineer could do with all this time if they had it.

Putting an end to repetitive tasks

This is where automation software enters the story. DriveWorks’ automation software works as a helping hand to engineers. It can carry out repetitive tasks as required. Moreover, automation software can handle jobs ranging from generating bills of materials needed for manufacturing. They can even be used to make complete proposals, including graphical images and design models. Similarly, by adding design rules, DriveWorks can drive 3D CAD models.

Automated tasks are carried out by a designed and configured code according to the job. Therefore, every job is completed precisely, on time, and with limited errors. Countless benefits like these lead to happy and satisfied customers. Hence, maintaining your company’s reputation and keeping the income stable.

Leveraging innovation through design development

With automation software in place, engineers save a lot of time, which can be used to innovate and develop new or current products for their company. Ultimately, this gives the business a boost in reputation and income through such automation solutions.

But this is not where automation software ends. You can automate most of your business sectors according to your needs. Automation software allows the option of step-by-step automation of your business. Also, fully automating all at once is not required; each department can automate its workflows at its own pace.

Bring sales team on one page with automation software

At first, it is hard to believe automation software could be of any help in the sales department. But believe it or not, it makes a difference, and it is not that complicated either. With DriveWorks, you can add an online sales configurator to your website. This allows your sales department along with customers and dealers to customise and place their orders whenever and wherever they want. DriveWorks is compatible with most devices, like laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones.

In addition, DriveWorks has an excellent configurator solution that allows you to create a fully configured price quote software. With it, there is a regular check on your inventory. When a customer or anyone from the sales department or a customer demands customization to a product, this software can generate an estimated cost along with delivery time according to the inventory present in the industry.

Automating the sales department makes the sales teams more proficient, allowing them to deal with customers efficiently, hence closing deals faster. This ultimately results in satisfied customers and reduced wastage of time, allowing the manufacturer to see a true return on their investment.

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Picking the right design automation software

DriveWorks offers three versions of the automation software, and each has a unique purpose to fulfill:

  1. DriveWorks Xpress
  2. DriveWorks Solo
  3. DriveWorks Pro

The basic program is DriveWorks Xpress, which is more like a starter for automation. You can upgrade your package at any time to a full-fledged automation solution. Depending on the workload, business structure, and your specific needs, you can always move your way up to DriveWorks Solo and finally to DriveWorks Pro to truly gain the benefits of your automation software.

As a gold partner with SolidWorks, DriveWorks provides its tool, DriveWorks Xpress, with every license of SolidWorks. So, if your industry is already using SolidWorks, then you already have Driveworks for free, which can be accessed and activated through the tools menu. 

Are you ready to start automating your business?

Feel free to reach out and give us a call. We will be more than happy to assist with your queries and guide you through the step-by-step procedure for automation. We provide automation solutions specific to your business structure and needs.

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