3D Printer DriveWorks Implementation​

3D Printer DriveWorks Implementation​

Check out this driveworks implementation of a 3D printer we completed for a client

3D Printer DriveWorks Implementation​

Do you use SolidWorks or Inventor to design? 

Did you know you can completely automate your product design process?

A client of ours who manufactured 3D printers wanted to make their printers more customisable for their clients, whilst also reducing the turnaround time. 

With DriveWorks, we were able to completely automate the company’s 3D printers. The system was able to automatically redesign the product, create production drawings, schedule the product into the manufacturing rota, and send out sales and confirmation letters. All completed whilst you make a cup of tea!

Do you or another manufacturing company you know have scaling issues? We have the perfect solution.

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