The benefits of using a product design consultancy in Sheffield

JOA Designs is a product design consultancy with an office based in Sheffield

product design consultancy in Sheffield

Product design consultancy in Sheffield

Sheffield is a well-known city noted for being the birthplace of football, with the first ever football team: Sheffield F.C., as well as being the world’s steel-making capital at one period in history, earning the nickname “Steel City.” Sheffield is home to one of our offices and is regarded for being the UK’s greenest city, so it’s no surprise that many of our urban and environmental street furniture concepts were created and constructed here.

We’ve also worked on a number of street furniture projects with Sheffield educational institutions, and we’ve recruited designers who graduated from Sheffield Hallam University as staff members and designers.

Working with the youth in Sheffield

Due to the large number of engineering students from all over the world studying at Sheffield’s universities, we have been able to assist students in completing their studies by providing additional support and assistance. This includes Solidworks tutorials and courses, as well as one-on-one coaching sessions with our designers. This has allowed us to form strong bonds with a wide range of community members while also assuring greater student success because they are more likely to recognise their work and commitment.

Many students have received internships with us, and we’ve even been able to hire some significant members of our staff who are formally from these universities. This has also helped us to maintain a positive and energetic work environment. Having a young team of professionals combined with experienced staff creates a sense of balance and is one of the main reasons why we have become such an outstanding product design consultancy in Sheffield.


Our engineers can enhance your designs

Our designers have years of experience working in numerous areas of the design business and have assisted in the launch of many global products, so we are confident that they can always improve and enrich your designs in some manner. To develop and make your product better than it is now, our designers will use a variety of tools, including Solidworks, DriveWorks, and other applications. Whether you are looking to produce a design for manufacture or are nearing the production stage, our engineers will always be able to improve and focus your designs on your target market.

 Not to mention, we have great contacts with a number of manufacturing companies, so we’ll be able to discover someone who can develop your concept with reasonable price and discounts.

Product design

Providing a project manager to give you more planning time

If you choose to work with our firm, we will do everything we can to make things easy for you and give you opportunity to look over things in greater depth and detail. To accomplish this, we will assign you an experienced project manager who will be able to oversee and control the entire project while keeping you informed of any developments. Our project manager will not refuse to provide you with valuable feedback and pointers on how to enhance your designs.

Even if this means redoing the entire design, our manager will ensure that the deadlines are fulfilled and will instruct our design team to work harder with your research and development team to meet them.

How we make your product a success

As previously said, our designers have extensive expertise working on a wide range of projects. They have earned individual first-hand understanding on which factors lead to a product’s success by learning from their own or others’ failures. They are also aware of faults that must be avoided in order for the project to succeed, since certain errors can cost you thousands of dollars and cause your project to be delayed, which is something you do not want. During the creation and design process, we also make sure that our designers undertake studies and surveys to learn how your customers feel about the items and what modifications need to be made before manufacturing begins.

Our project manager will also thoroughly examine these reports and provide you and your research and development teams with feedback.

research and development
Design for manufacture

You can save money

Hiring a product design consultancy is believed to be more cost effective because you may save money on salary, training, and other expenditures associated with hiring an in-house R&D team all year. Instead, you can put your money into our designers, who will be able to supply you with more experienced and informed designs than your research and development team might. You can also use that money you’ve saved on marketing and manufacturing.

Our experienced design team will be able to create better designs for your products. As a result, you’ll be raising the chances of your concepts succeeding.

Advantages of our designers:

  • We’ve worked with businesses all across the world, so location will never be a barrier.
  • Our team also includes young designers that are always eager to learn and improve; as a result, our firm maintains a positive atmosphere.
  • No matter where you are in the design process, our designers will always be capable of improving your designs.
  • We have several connections and ties with manufacturing organizations throughout the United Kingdom, so production will never be a problem.
  • We will assign a project manager to work with your research and development team to guarantee that they are performing to their full potential.
  • The project manager will provide you with expert comments on your project while also giving you some free time to review it.
  • Our designers have prior experience in your business and know how to make your product a success.
  • Finally, our design team is cost effective because you will save money on hiring a full-time research and development team, as well as on training and other expenses.
Design for manufacture

Begin your design for manufacture

We hope that after reading this in-depth explanation of why our product design consultancy will be beneficial to you, you will consider all of your alternatives before putting your new product design into production. We are confident that our designers will be able to assist you in generating any product design and establishing a new partnership for future projects. Please fill out the form below to learn more about why JOA Designs is a successful product design consultancy in Sheffield and throughout the UK. We hope to hear from you soon to help you begin your design for manufacture journey.

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