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JOA Designs is a product design consultancy with many industrial partners in West Midlands and Birmingham

Industrial Design Consultancy

Industrial design consultancy in West Midlands and Birmingham

Birmingham is a major city, it is a metropolitan borough in the west midlands of the United Kingdom, and it is the country’s second largest city after London. It’s no surprise that West Midlands and Birmingham have one of the greatest client bases for our industrial design consultancy, with a population of about 5 million people and 1.2 million people within the city limits, representing a diverse range of sectors and enterprises with whom we enjoy working with every year.

Birmingham receives over 41 million visitors each year, with just over 1 million of them being international visitors, giving it an ideal location to meet new potential clients from around the world. Our designers are capable of conducting product designs and have done so in the past with many people all around the world, so we are always keen to meet new potential clients regardless of where they are located. It is one of the main reasons our industrial design consultancy is well known in West Midlands and Birmingham and several other areas in the UK.

What can JOA Designs do for you?

JOA Designs seeks to collaborate with a wide range of sectors and cultivate many ties in every location across the United Kingdom. We have a proven track record of producing results for our clients, delivering diverse innovations to the market efficiently and successfully in short timescales, allowing businesses to capitalise on existing and growing business prospects. We have the expertise and experience to deliver your product design brief, whether we’re working with major international corporations or new start-ups.

We recognise that a product design should fulfill our clients’ commercial and financial needs while also meeting the concepts’ aesthetic and functional criteria. We take great pride in completing projects on schedule and within budget. We can walk you through our unique system, which has earned us and our clientele so much success, to give you a greater understanding of how we effectively achieve all of this.


Our unique product design consultancy

We commence any new product design campaign with the first stage, when we create and evaluate the client’s expectations and obstacles. We’ll work with you to completely comprehend the problems that the products will solve, and we can even do field studies. Our engineers will draw on their previous knowledge to find answers to any challenges that may arise. We will be able to devise a technique for effectively producing your concept, and we will strive to do it as efficiently and fast as possible while maintaining close interactions with you throughout the project. Before we move on to the next creative phase, we’ll double-check that everything has been noted and that all of the information you’ve provided is appropriate.

Product design consultancy

Generating your design

Our designers and developers use the information you’ve provided and innovative thinking to generate a variety of concepts for the supplied brief in the following phase of the process. This crucial phase will allow us to assess the design’s practicality, and we can use a variety of ways to commence developing your concept and generating sketches and rough designs of your concept. Our creative engineers have the appropriate skill set as well as the ability to reverse engineer previous models to identify and evaluate how we can make your product distinctive. Before moving on to more complex software designs, our product design experts will start developing your ideas based on our findings.

The modelling phase

We then go on to the following phase, the modelling process, which is one of our designers’ favourite elements of the project since it allows us to envision the product utilising the most up-to-date CAD and 3D modelling tools to bring it from conception to reality. To begin bringing the concept to life, we deliver amazing visuals and animations. We use a variety of tools to assist in the creation of your product design, including Solidworks, inventor, and others as needed. We have a wide range of experience and several years of work experience with these software’s, hence it is one of the most powerful and effective aspects for our experts and has aided in many successful projects.

Product design

Testing your concept

Another benefit of working with JOA Designs is the use of simulation methods and appropriate testing. Our designers analyse your product using tools like FEA and CFD to offer you the most realistic representation of how it will react in its specified settings. Of course, we’ll conduct these tests based on the notions we’ve already defined. We also ensure that we check to see if you are satisfied with everything and, if necessary, make any modifications before manufacturing. We are quite adaptable and allow you to make modifications at any time during the process, involving colour, material, and whatever else you desire.

Manufacturing your concept

The final stage of our development procedure is manufacturing, in which we help you identify the ideal manufacturer for your finished product. We can provide as much assistance as you require with this, we can utilise our numerous contacts in the West Midlands and Birmingham whom we have partnered with whilst providing our industrial design consultancy services to our previous clients. Our designers will, of course, advise you throughout the process and be in touch with you until the conclusion. We make certain that all documents and details are submitted to the manufacturers, and that you are satisfied with the final concept that will be sent.

Industrial design consultancy Birmingham

Building a relationship

This would be the conclusion of your design process, but JOA Designs looks forward to collaborating with you on upcoming projects and will make every effort to stay in touch and develop a long-term partnership. Please fill out the form below to learn more about our incredible process.

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