What Is Design Automation, And How Can You Benefit?

Utilise Design Automation to achieve more.

A great competitive differentiator is to offer customised products. Design automation opens up possibilities for customisation of the process flow, which leads to more configuration possiblities. More choice for the consumer then often leads to more sales so it’s imperative that this is done correctly.

However, with more customisation comes more workload; so a level of automation is needed to help things run more smoothly. Utilising design automation delivers a number of benefits.

Examples include a faster turnaround time, quicker manufacturing processes and time saving. It also boosts productivity and ultimately profits.

Design automation


Automation is the key to streamlining your business process

Use Design Automation to streamline processes

Engineers can come under pressure when custom products are involved. Because a custom project is unique, due care and attention is needed to eliminate any potential mistakes or errors.

Project drawings and proposals need to be created as quickly as possible, which takes time.

Automation then helps smooth this process and lessen any pressure. It automates repetitive tasks where possible, meaning an engineer needs less time to keep updating existing designs, allowing for more time in other key areas.

Automation reduces mistakes and helps increase profit margins, which is great for your business!

Design automation


Automate repetitive tasks to free up valuable time

Tapping into the knowledge

Understanding of 3D CAD systems has evolved rapidly over the years. Experienced engineers have a wealth of knowledge that comes from years of industry experience.

Experience can be difficult to share with others in a quick and efficient way though, so there needs to be a process to help with knowledge transfer.

3D CAD systems can assist with this issue. Allowing expert users to add pre-determined or regularly used projects as a starting point can be a huge help, but understanding these can be challenging to newer users.

Design automation


Create design automation snippets in Driveworks

Automate your way

DriveWorks actually allows users to add design rules to drive 3D CAD models. Another feature is the automatic creation of detailed drawings and material lists for manufacturing.

It extends to sales teams too, with a custom product options automated process. It enables the team to choose from a set list of product options, speeding up the entire process. These features can help redefine your business speed to market.

DriveWorks is a Design Automation software which is part of the SolidWorks suite. It’s a free design automation tool that can be activated within the tool’s menu.

JOA Designs are at the forefront of providing DriveWorks xpress, DriveWorks Solo and DriveWorks Pro services. Along with full online training solutions around SolidWorks, we can create a personalised training programme to help get you or your team up to speed.

If you’d like to discover the true power of automation, please use our contact form to get in touch so we can assist you with taking your next step to automation your products.

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