The benefits of 3D mechanical design

With 2D being a traditional method of a design process as a starting point. It can be difficult to break out of this habit. However, with a 3D design using Solidworks CAD (computer-aided design). There are actually many benefits to starting the design process at a 3D stage to speed up the entire flow of a project.

Firstly, 3D solid modelling actually shortens the design cycle and improves the manufacturing process because of clearer. More direct communication baseline – in turn, this then means a much quicker speed to market with a higher quality product. This streamlined process then helps to reduce your design costs and yield much higher quality products.

CAD Mechanical design engineering drawing

Switching to 3D mechanical design also has the following positive impacts on your business:

  • A streamlined product design flow gives you a competitive edge over other companies. Trying to get potentially similar products to market – allowing you to react first in challenging markets. The 3D design allows full visualisation of the product to be seen on screen in real-time from any angle. Highlighting any potential pitfalls before production has even begun.
  • A 3D design or render of products using Solidworks visualize or keyshot means your customer can see their item on screen rather than a flat image. Allowing for much more effective design reviews and changes that would otherwise be realised at a later stage. This reduces the cost of quality problems or errors being brought into production.
  • Utilising the Solidworks CAD software, you can quickly generate drawings of the model, giving non-technical colleagues the power to specify. Configure and quote on products and changes whilst at the same time maintaining the brand. Design and quality values – meaning a faster output and customer response.
Checking 3D engineering drawing

The Solidworks 3D Design with Driveworks gives you the ability to automate your CAD design process – capture design knowledge to use again, add rules to your design process to ensure parameters are met, create variations of design process to quickly switch tracks – it all adds up to time saved, money saved and an easier workflow.

Would you like to know more about Solidworks, training courses, 3D mechanical design or CAD Automation? Get in touch with Joa Designs today and we will help get you on your way to a more streamlined future.

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