Streamline your design process with a product design consultancy

From identifying a market opportunity to receiving your final product, the product design process can be a long but beneficial one. There are many routes you could take, so how can using a product design consultancy benefit you?

Speeds up the design process and saves you time

As mentioned above, designing a product can be a long process and outsourcing will not only speed things up, but will give you the freedom and time to concentrate on other areas. Hiring the right product design consultancy will not only be beneficial short term, but it will also build trust long term, allowing you to receive all the product design help you require.

This of course also applies to any scale project, with a larger product scope offering a much higher chance of saving more money and time over the course of the entire process. 


You will end up with a more professional design

The design process can be a stumbling block especially. If you’re not familiar with it or have access to 3D designing software such as SolidWorks.

Many product designs and development companies have design engineers that are experts of various 3D software as such as SolidWorks, Inventor and much more. Therefore they can use their industrial product design knowledge to transform your concept(s) into a professional-looking design that is ready for prototyping and manufacturing.

Design Process

With the aid of SolidWorks, changes can be made to the design as well as extensive product analysis – i.e: Finite Element Analysis (FEA) or Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis (CFD) on the product to test its integrity without having to start from scratch. This can give you the edge; especially if you are going against other products in the same field.

It will expand your knowledge and expertise

There may come parts of the process where your experience and knowledge just isn’t enough. But outsourcing can help you progress with confidence. The whole process will likely be a learning curve, especially if you’re new to the field. Using a product design consultancy to aid the process will increase your knowledge and allow you to grow in confidence. When it comes to future designs. It will be important to learn as much as you can as this will only benefit you long term.

More Opinions = Better Design

Whilst using a consultancy service, you will receive constant feedback which can only aid the development of your design. A robust manufacturing process doesn’t just happen. They have to be designed, so working with a product design consultancy you’ll have access to people who have worked on many other designs and are familiar with the processes, benefits and any potential pitfalls. With their expertise, they can help you to resolve design issues early on, saving you both time and money.

Design Process

They can also help you figure out solutions to any problems that arise during prototyping. The more eyes you have on the product. The more you can gauge how it will perform in the market. 

Are you a manufacturing company looking to improve your process? If you are a SMEs. We can help you with the development of your next product. Get in touch with JOA Designs today.

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