SOLIDWORKS automation – How it Proves to be a Game Changer for Manufacturers

Design automation software is a critical ingredient in unlocking faster means of manufacturing. Not only does automation unlock unlimited possibilities, but it has also proven to be highly cost-efficient in the manufacturing industry. From the alignment of internal operations to effective coordination, and reuse of existing designs. Faster product development and a lot more can be achieved with DriveWorks SOLIDWORKS automation tool. Solidworks design automation has continuously provided manufacturers with futuristic solutions. Consequently, it enables their design engineers to think ahead and achieve a better output level.

With Driveworks SOLIDWORKS automation, capturing and reusing designs alongside making accurate cost, estimations are only part of the equation. Therefore, manufacturers are able to tackle custom demands and requirements, and craft products that are according to user demand. This yields highly accurate products in terms of description, and functionality. The key selling point of using design automation softwares is it’s easy-to-use interface. Neither does it require any prerequisite like complex macros. DriveWorks utilizes simple and easy configurations and design tables. Which is why, it is safe to say that a lot can be accomplished with a few simple clicks with SOLIDWORKS automation. The technology, and the scale of operation doubles and triples according to demand – making it ideal for manufacturers.

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Going Beyond the Normal with SOLIDWORKS Automation

Solidworks design automation software has opened up an array of possibilities and offers numerous benefits. The more capabilities are required, the more the software can be explored to unlock those features and benefits, going beyond the traditional scope of operations.

As a result Manufacturers can modify Solidworks models with great ease. Design engineers can capture parameters with SOLIDWORKS automation and can manually change models and assemblies. With an additional DriveWorks add-in, the possibilities available to manufacturers can be drastically increased. It adds convenience in the product design and helps in accelerating production cycles.

Intelligent Execution Using rules and logic with SOLIDWORKS automation. Modifying existing engineering knowledge is simple, scalable and easy to execute. Design engineers can enter their own custom rules and login into the system to control the output. This is a big leap forward for manufacturers that enables them to capture parameters using their own design, rules and logic to execute specific commands.

SOLIDWORKS automation enables Project reruns. One of Solidworks design automation’s best features is the proposition of a rerun; the design engineer can run their DriveWorks project over and over again. From the manufacturing perspective of things, entering the specific manufacturing order and then running the command to generate drawings, BOMs, models and more. This helps manufacturers rerun projects, capitalizing on the existing design and operate with significant efficiencies.

Benefits of Solidworks Design Automation for Manufacturing Firms

It is without a doubt that Solidworks automation has opened many doors for manufacturers. It has also enabled manufacturers to operate more effectively, reduce production cycles, generate output more effectively, meet increasing demands, and accomplish higher efficiencies. But one thing that gives design automation software superiority over others in the market is its capability to meet the exact requirements of manufacturing firms. Be it as a checklist of features or benefits to the industry, SOLIDWORKS automation offers the following:

CAD Design and 3D CAD Models:

One essential benefit for a manufacturer is the capability to reuse native 3D geometry of the product, making it easier for design engineers to ensure the basic design framework are built on accordingly. SOLIDWORKS automation enables you to develop logical rules, based on which you can configure the product design as many times as required, and meet customer demands.

Another benefit of SOLIDWORKS automation relates to product design and development, reducing the time to construct the product, which allows manufacturers to make faster shipments. For manufacturers in particular that construct machinery and tools, the design automation software is a total game-changer thanks to the use of guided tool path designs.

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3D CAD files & tool geometry:

Manufacturers now have the luxury to check if the product designs interferes with other parts, simply based on tool geometry. This allows them to consider outsourcing. Besides, view the holistic perspective of the design, and design complementing products according to the dynamics. How one part of the tool can facilitate fixtures, and other workpieces comes in play to check the entire product’s correctness. Moreover, it can also help to confirm that the machine setup meets manufacturers requirements – making design automation software an essential component in the scheme of things.

SOLIDWORKS automation Provides Value to Manufacturers

Manufacturers with custom made products find SOLIDWORKS automation a necessary component of their design and development. The overall integrated solution makes it easier for manufacturers to add value in many ways. This includes using 3D modelling software, shortening lead time, delivering output faster, and meeting demands effectively. Therefore, An ideal solution for the manufacturing industry to capitalize on the scope of their business.

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