Sales Configurators – a Game Changer in the Automation Industry

A product configurator can be a real game-changer for any industry; it needs to be equally flexible to meet the changing user demand. Sales configurator helps bridge the gap between user requirements and commercial successes, without having risks of running into errors. The thin line of defense sales configurator creates between the final output, and testing is robust to say the very least. If the product configuration is not up to par, the project itself can get jeopardized or even shut down. Here is where business customization and selling points come into the equation to add to the overall product’s value.

One key offering that sales configurators offer to companies is the change in selling approaches. Previously, the industry broad norm was set towards standardised product templates scheduled for mass production. Automation has brought the trend for delivering custom-designed products that fulfill end-users requirements. Sales configurator makes it easier to consider consumer choices and requirements. As of recent, there’s an increase in demand for more customized products – when tailored via configuration to meets your end users’ requirements.

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Customize Product Profitability with Sales Configurator

We live in the era of individualized personalization. Which makes it difficult for companies to keep up with the changing demand. However, with Solidworks and DriveWorks companies are now able to configure custom products for the end-user. This customization proposition is quick and easy to execute. It allows research and development to locate areas where customization can create value for the end-users. Moreover, the sales configurator makes it possible to bring a swift transition in the product design to achieve your customers’ desires.

With DriveWorks solo, cost structures becomes manageable and at the same time decrease manufacturing complexities. Sales configurators allow companies to seize the opportunity to offer a vast array of offerings to the end-user through mass customization. It can help companies build loyalty among their user base, increase their revenue, and gain a competitive advantage in the market and a speedy product cycle. With this offering, as a design engineer or company owner, you can stay ahead of the market by showcasing products demanded by the end-user. 

Leveraging Sale Configurator Capabilities with DriveWorks

The advances in sale configurators and product visualization have contributed significantly to the overall adaptiveness of the practice throughout the industry. Each configuration has a singular goal to make the end product user-friendly and engaging. DriveWorks solo has significantly contributed to the overall project’s success because of its capability to create and configure custom products. With the help of its design automation functioning, it eliminates errors and expensive design changes. Moreover, it offers the following benefits to the company:

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Eliminate Redundancies and Errors & Save

With sales configurators, reducing errors becomes a norm, DriveWorks rules help filter out your commands and reduce costly mistakes and time-consuming changes. When redundancies and errors are removed from the equation, design engineers can meet deadlines more effectively and free up the workforce to perform other tasks. From a managerial point of you, product innovation is one of the main attributes of sales configuration as well as showcasing the end product, making it logical to invest resources in this niche. With DriveWorks Solo, reduce redundant duplications, as it enables companies to allocate their human capital better. As a result, you will generate more output, and reduce unnecessary expenditures significantly.

Powerful SOLIDWORKS Automation Setup

DriveWorks solo is easy to set up, maintain and deploy. It executes commands with great accuracy, does not require the use of complex macros, codes or design tables – and gives the output as per requirement. The sales configurator requires keeping the output in mind; the end product needs to satisfy users’ and investors’ interests. Which is why powerful automation and features can cement the road for project success. By controlling dimensions, properties, advanced feature parameters, formats, and more – greater control can be exercised over the product configuration.

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The Era of Sales Configurator

Understanding the market dynamics and mapping them with the features offered by the software. It is easy to understand why sales configurators can be an overall game-changer in the greater scheme of things. Not only does it replace the traditional quotation method, but it also gives a better solution effectively. Previously, numerous quotation tools were used. They were either too complicated or too simplified, to make a quotation on the product based on the design. Fortunately, the leap into the future required the use of many smart algorithms to create a complete interface – that offers all the standard features.

From the customer’s perspective, you will be able to to bring their ideal purchase to life. Doing so is as simple as adding custom design requirements in the sales configurator. This includes parameters like composition, dimension, and even the product cost. Thus, making sales configurator a complete solution for enhancing a business’ customization capability to meet customer demands – a real game-changer.

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