Online Configurators for a Superior Product Development

Times have changed, and technology has changed alongside it. What used to be commonly used are now replaced with better systems and options. Similar is the case for online configurators, a handy tool for companies to provide a custom experienced for their clients. Online configurators are a step into the future, providing state-of-the-art solutions to companies and their clientele. As a solution, online 3D product configurators have successfully bridged the gap between customer expectations and product output. Customers can now bring their ideas to life and then let design engineers create the product.

With online configurators, you will be able to engage your customers in an effective way. Besides, it enables you to stay ahead of your competitors and meet customer demands efficiently. Online configurators are a cost-effective solution that provides 3D previews and helps in making accurate cost estimations and streamlining manufacturing. By doing test runs through product configuration; design engineers can accurately identify areas needing modification and touchups. DriveWorks is a tool that helps leverage online 3D product configuration capabilities and provides the best experience for your clients.

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Online Product Configurator for Your Sales Team

One key feature of using online configurators is getting your team on the same page. By allowing everyone to view the design configuration process – your team can actively pitch in their input. Streamlining the product design makes it easier for design engineers to deliver product details within the project’s scope. It gives non-technical people an insight into the product features, also provides a fast response to all customer inquiries. Online configurators are an ideal tool to help companies create a state-of-the-art products and decide on the pricing.

Quotes are generated much more accurately when a 3D model is available to showcase details and features of the product. Moreover, online configurators make it easier for your company to consider prototyping the product for a more detailed product review. In addition, an online 3D product configurator helps companies and clients alike to gauge the practicality of the product. Whether the product will be able to meet the user requirements, or if it would require further modifications. Your team can make this decision with the design engineers, customers, or stakeholders as they review the product through an online configurator.

Crossing In-House and Field Boundaries with Online 3D Product Configurator

Another critical benefit that an Online Product Configurator has to offer is to your engineering and sales team, be it in-house or on-site – product configuration can help align your dealers and distributors. Depending on the requirements, product configurators allow you to make custom changes to the design according to your customer’s requirements. Better yet, with an Online Product Configurator, you can make multiple copies of one product design and alter it to meet different demands. Then, these variations can be tested out, in theory, to decide which configuration meets your requirements and should be invested on. One other benefit that can be utilized with Online 3D Product Configurator is the capability to respond quickly and professionally.

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DriveWorks Product Configuration –New Take on Product Manufacturing

Manufacturers are looking to craft value-adding products for the end-users, this helps them to create products that their customers want. DriveWorks and SolidWorks configuration enables manufacturing companies to offer an interactive experience to their customers with the use of online configurators, sales force, and more. All channels combined; companies have a full set of resources at their disposal, ensuring a competitive edge in the market. What’s more, is, DriveWorks and SolidWorks online configurators are widely used in the manufacturing industry, it also is used in conveyors, material handling tasks, bearing assemblies and more.

Online configurators streamline operations more effectively, enabling the point of contact to review the product’s critical criteria instantly. Salespersons can also present their arguments based on the price of the product, which allows companies to first quote a product price before creating the final product. Online configurators also help in retaining the interest of stakeholders with the product outline. Moreover, more information can be generated upon request to get a detailed overview of the design:

3D models,

2D drawings,

Bills of materials

online configurators

Other Benefits Realised with Online Configurators

With an online configurator, capitalize your business’s scope to reduce cost, get more business, and stay ahead of your competitors. Interactive 3D Visualization helps in product design and development alongside online configurators to help communicate design details to the end-user. Moreover, with an online configurator, it is easy to reduce bottlenecks, cut costs, eliminate errors, and optimize processes. The key selling feature of this proposition revolves around scaling business to meet your specific requirements. Meeting the market demand is now easy and effective with online configurators. Meaning, you have complete control over your product’s design and development and can select from a plethora of images, controls, dropdowns, and more.

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