Evolution of Motorhomes and Recreational Vehicles (RV) With Solidworks

The Evolution of Motorhomes

Vehicle design and development have taken a giant leap into the future. SOLIDWORKS 3D design tools have significantly reduced product cycles and time to market. The future for motorhomes looks more promising than ever, especially by leveraging Solidwork’s design capabilities to custom manufacture parts. Moreover, the use of 3D Design makes it practical to design products based on demand. It has helped contribute to the redevelopment of new motorhomes and RVs over the year. From what used to be a goliath on the road to a simple, sophisticated, and effective design, Solidworks has contributed significantly to improving the customer experience.

Improvement has become the new norm with Recreational Vehicles (RV) with today’s motorhomes embodying every essence of a modern-day house and convenience. JOA Designs translates that same promise to all its products crafted for Motorhomes and Recreational Vehicles (RV) with Solidworks 3D design. Besides, the importance of utilising limited space effectively is one of the key reasons why vehicle designing has become so popular over the years. More and more products like washer/dryers, warm showers, and multiple bathrooms have become a necessity. Motorhomes and Recreational Vehicles (RV) 3D design ensure that they are included is what contributes to the evolution of motorhomes. 

Motorhomes Designs Made with Purpose

Solidworks 3D design tools enable us to design products and parts for your Modular homes that fulfil a need. As more and more families opt for Rv’s, the demand calls for advanced modelling that serves the customer’s needs. Recreational Vehicles are evolving alongside user needs. It can now fulfil a wide range of purposes ranging from camping to becoming a full-fledge permanent home. The extravagant recreational vehicles you are likely to see today are all results of creative and tactical engineering. Besides, it is the greatest utilization of 3D Design tools like Solidworks.


How We’re contributing to the Motorhome Evolution:

What’s more? JOA Designs has been at the forefront of developing new motorhome ranges for industry leaders in the UK motorhomes market. Therefore, we aim to bridge the gap between consumer needs and design capabilities, as different users demand different things and irrespective of the demand. To achieve that, we continuously push the boundaries of what we can deliver and craft solutions that add convenience to the equation.

We believe in leveraging SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD to design the complete furniture for manufacture, as well as creating the motorhome composite panels, lower floor and chassis structural members, and the plumbing and wiring root, all complemented with a detailed engineering drawing pack for manufacture whilst using a range of different disciplines within SolidWorks, for example, Weldments, Sheetmetal, Surfacing, Drawing tools, PDM, and SOLIDWORKS Composer solutions to create userfriendly motorhomes.  

Making Vehicle Development Quick and Easy

Motorhomes require all the essence of a fully furnished and functional home on wheels, with the challenge of limited space. Any designer’s task is to cater to the perfect home requirement list while keeping in mind the constraints. Availability of space, portability, and performance is amongst the common constraints. Recreational vehicles are to have all the typical amenities that are to be expected from a motorhome; what truly makes an RV exceptional is how much of those amenities are facilitated without adding to the cost. Hence, a designer’s primary purpose is to achieve vehicle designs that bring together luxury home’s requirements and mobile home’s practicality. 


Creating Products revolving around User Engagement

All of JOA design products are built to cater to the utilitarian needs fulfilled by a Modular home to the luxurious requirements demanded by users in a motorhome. By using Solidworks to design and craft the interior of the vehicles, a range of benefits are achievable. Costly errors can be reduced, limited space can be fully utilized, and great custom services can be offered. This enables us to frequently review designs, implement changes, and reduce the need for creating multiple prototypes. Thus, contributing to the evolution of Motorhomes and Recreational Vehicles (RV) thanks to Solidworks. 

Offering Better Designs, and Faster Time to Market

After using Solidworks to design parts for motorhomes, we have achieved higher proficiency and reduced the time to market. We can craft parts for Recreational Vehicles that meet your requirement and our superior functionality criteria in no time. Similarly, we can output higher quantities of product, and meet the growing demand, adding efficiency from production to delivery. Based on client requirements, JOA Designs also processes the capability to design vehicles and break down their components individually and completely. This enables us to look into details of what and how we can contribute towards vehicle design development. Our aim is to give our customers a superior end product. 

Capitalizing on Minimal Prototyping, and Multiple Reviews

Moreover, we also review multiple designs and multiple concepts with their configuration simultaneously. This process can be done via Solidworks. Capitalizing on vehicle CAD data, it reduces the need to create prototypes to test each component’s functionality. We work to make your Modular homes a success. By creating products according to the vehicle’s profile, further adding convenience into the motorhome evolution chain. We can establish all the details regarding mounting points, size constraints, and interferences without the constant need for manual inspection. However, with a single production model, you can achieve faster results delivered with superior quality and exceptional accuracy. Lastly, you can also benefit from the consistency of output and product design delivered according to precise client requirements. 

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