Why Animated Manuals gives you the edge with user manuals and training

Animated manuals serve a very basic function in that their core purpose is to give the user. A brief description of how to use/create/interact with their product or service. But this is a unique time to influence the user. And given the right presentation can make a memorable business connection for future opportunities.

Training programs can be implemented in a multitude of ways, with varying effectiveness. But animation can be an extremely streamlined method of delivering highly important messages. In a short space of time to enable the user to take the information on board and continue their usual tasks.

Brand recognition is powerful with Animated Manuals

Animation manual brand identity

When creating an audio-visual presentation. The company brand can be utilised to set the tone required for the training material. This keeps a strong brand presence throughout your material and fosters a strong brand affinity and recognition. This, of course, can be altered depending on what is required – be it a business training session for software or more relaxed materials for products.

Creating engaging animated content that is memorable

The animation opens up a world of design possibilities that help to grab a user’s attention and relay. The required message to them in a meaningful way. These visual effects are much more powerful and accessible than other forms of media, creating a longer-lasting memory.

Animated content can also be created to be streamlined and perfected – meaning not even a second is wasted and content is delivered concisely every time without fail.

Animated Manuals for brand identity

Animated manuals simplify the learning process

A standard instruction manual is usually full of warnings, methods and the steps required to operate the product/service. This can lead to a loss of concentration from the user who may find the document overwhelming. This is where animated manuals come in and raise the bar.

With an animated manual, you can effectively show and tell the user exactly. what is needed at the same time, meaning you can cut many steps out of a written process simply by showing it instead!

This is especially important with the emerging generation of users who will simply Google. How to achieve a required outcome or head to YouTube to watch somebody else take them through the steps. People simply don’t feel they have time to be reading through huge manuals meaning vital data is left unread or disregarded.

The animation is the key here, allowing for faster information consumption, along with the opportunity to promote other services or products were necessary too!

Animated Manuals for users Joa designs

A digital solution

Animated manuals videos also mean a much easier, quicker way to send the content out and reach an intended audience. These can be sent electronically through email. OR even just have a link shared meaning instant access to the required material rather than reading through a traditional book.

This also cuts down company costs by removing the need to print guides. Relying on the digital version instead. An example would be if a product underwent a slight change. The animated manual could be updated “OTA” (over the air) and all users would have instant access to the latest version – removing the need to replace paper manuals.

Are you interested in exploring the possibilities of Animated Manuals? Speak to JOA Designs today to see how we can help streamline your digital process and cut down on traditional printed materials.


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