Mechanical Design Automation – A futuristic approach for your industry

With changing business dynamics, industries are even more focused on identifying routine tasks that can be eliminated to streamline the industrial process and achieve perfection. Mechanical Design Automation is the most promising solution as this approach possesses excellent potential to increase efficiency and optimise cost. Moreover, this inevitable change will give industries a competitive advantage, elevate performance, and leverage growth. 

Mechanical Design Automation that takes you a long way

DriveWorks is a holistic mechanical design automation services provider for SolidWorks. It removes redundant tasks through automation, which allows engineers to better utilise their time. Therefore, redirecting their skills and knowledge to improving and developing products. DriveWorks applications encompass a broad range of jobs in engineering firms such as:

  • Creating bills of materials as required,
  • Moving analytical data to proposal designs,
  • Transfer ordering material from design software to the accounting software 

Once a firm undertakes mechanical design automation and incorporates it in its routines, there is a definite reduction in errors and less wastage of time. Ultimately, there is a noticeable impact on having an overall positive effect on the firm’s efficiency. 

Advantages of mechanical design automation

Drive Works provides mechanical design automation tools that can help your company step up its game and waving off the inefficiencies. Engineering firms can automate various jobs like generating bills and sale proposals with 3D Graphical rendering and design models swiftly. With zero stress of making errors and saving a ton of hours, engineers can focus on developing new products. Such innovations deliver firms quality production and higher sales numbers.

Mechanical Design automation in engineering and design firms

Every manufacturer implements mechanical design automation differently. However, they all target the same outcomes, lower human intervention, error-free processes, and eliminating redundant activities. As a result, design automation has a remarkable impact on the efficiency and rate of income. 

Moreover, depending upon a firm’s individual goals, design automation has various benefits to provide in addition to efficiency and better profits. Some of them are listed below:

Eliminate errors in repetitive tasks

SolidWorks can eliminate the majority of repetitive tasks through automation, which reduces human errors costing the firm. From generating bills of materials to partial completion of designs, mechanical design automation can curb all of these shortcomings. Moreover, the bi-directionally data transfer between CAD, ERP systems, PDM/PLMs, and Microsoft office provides hiccup-free tasks with error-free, on-time completion.

Generate immediate proposals

With the seamless connection between different departments in the firm, it is significantly quicker to generate proposals according to the buyer’s needs and create accurate quotes. In addition, these proposals entail all the necessary details with graphical representation and the bills of materials to estimate the final costs of product manufacturing. Such automation helps the company close more sales and generate revenue in far less time.

Increased customization and reduced turnaround time with Mechanical Design Automation

The sales team can effortlessly search through the data and turnaround the proposal customized according to the customer’s demand by the availability of previous projects and specific presets available. Therefore, with mechanical design automation, closing deals are made more manageable with reduced turnover times and happy customers resulting in increased business.

Bringing mechanical design automation in the industry

Mechanical design automation has a tremendous positive impact on the mechanical industry. Enterprises can benefit from automation and minimise time and resources exhausted in locating and correcting errors. As a result, there is an increase in their staff’s efficiency and a far better ROI. The mechanical industry deals with lots of moving parts and designs, most very similar to one and other. Similarly, with mechanical design automation, slight changes and modifications can be made quickly without wasting time and money in unsuccessful trials. Also, most mechanical industries have a series of repetitive tasks, and more than half of such tasks require slight improvements and edits according to the customer’s demand. As a consequence, carrying out the same functions by skilled engineers leaves less time to develop and innovate new products, which is why mechanical design automation is the way ahead.

SolidWorks helps customise every aspect of the automation to meet the client’s needs and requirements with the latest technology.


Implementing mechanical design automation follows a standard project life cycle


It starts with thoroughly analyzing how your firm works, the requirements, and the needs, so the automation can be done accordingly.


After analysing what is best for the industry, the automation solution is tailored it to your needs.


A step by step transition is essential for a pool proof transformation and to make sure it is all complete, and nothing goes unnoticed, and the employees are ready for the change.


Mechanical Design Automation software like DriveWorks allows the flexibility of customising the programs according to the industry’s needs.  Also, it ensures seamless automation and connection between the design and automation applications and the existing system.

What is driveworks solo?


Consultation on hardware is as critical as software and operating systems. Bringing these details under discussion ensures that the customer has a smooth and hiccup-free experience.


For consumers to make the most of the transition, training and development are just as necessary. Many automation service providers have training facilities and online tutorials to fill the knowledge gap.


Changes that have a direct impact on production and sales, such as mechanical design automation, require some reassurance.

We provide technical support to our customers as you take the big into automating your companies processes.

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