What is Design Automation and Can It Impact Your Industry?

The growing competition among industries has brought forward novel strategies. Offering customized products is a common practice to gain buyer’s attention. A flexible product portfolio guarantees increased sales, consequently generates more revenue, and, most of all, adds to the satisfaction of the customers. However, it’s the need of the hour to think a step ahead of custom designs. Design automation allows you to flip proposals faster. Efficient design products ultimately lead to higher on-time deliveries. You achieve higher sales margins, excellent profit, and are visibly different from the competitors.

Why transition to design automation

Offering custom products generates better revenue. On the contrary, it also makes companies put their engineers under mounting pressure to deliver better. Design Automation enhances the ability to create proposal documents along with Blueprints, which is essential to estimate the expenses for the product. However, the time consumed for the project’s design phase do not guarantee success. Despite the uncertainty of the outcome, engineering departments are exhausting their energies on it. Even though design automation software can easily automate these manual processes.

Looking at things from a broader perspective, businesses mainly rely on reputation and profit margin. Both of these aspects become a setback as updating the designs, re-creating existing models, and assessing the finest of details are not accessible. Each of these processes is energy-intensive and possesses room of miscalculations and slipups. Inevitably, the projects have minute errors along with delays, backlogs, and reworks.

Therefore, to keep the reputation and profits stable, such jobs should be automated. These can save the engineers time to work on innovation and product development. At the same time the shop floor has the accessibility update and generate drawings and capture observation real-time. Design Automation ensures that the customer will view and receive the best version of the product available at the time of purchase.


The company can make the most out of design automation it guarantees increased output and improved product quality from bottom up. Hence, giving the push your company to gain competitive advantage in the market and earn more business. Design Automation through DriveWorks has the potential to connects all departments seamlessly. DriveWorks allows the latest designs and edits to be available from the engineering end to the sales department. As a result, the delays between the process of product manufacturing and product design are optimized.

Knowledge capture through Design Automation

Despite the evolution in product design, companies often refer to their old drawings as a baseline to build their way upwards to develop a better product, which is why old designs are equally valuable and must be retained in a central database. However, the storing and sharing of this information can be quite a challenge. Similarly, engineers come and go each, but product design is a field where two heads are better than one. Therefore, capturing all experienced engineers’ knowledge and utilizing it collectively can develop a great product. 

Design Automation through DriveWorks

Put an end to errors

SolidWorks automation is an excellent tool based on drive works rules. The designs are foolproof and eliminate the process of rework. With zero margins for mistakes, there’s considerably less wastage of time and money.

Focus on innovation

Automation through the SolidWorks platform leverages engineers to focus on innovation and yield better products while leaving the repetitive tasks to SolidWorks.

Gold partners with SolidWorks: 

DriveWorks has three offerings (DriveWorks Xpress, DriveWorks Solo, and DriveWorks Pro), all of which are certified gold partners with SolidWorks.


Step by step automation of your business

One of the amazing features of design automation through DriveWorks that you are not bound to automate your business. Automate as much as you want and whenever you want. An excellent way to start is by adding design rules to drive the engineering of 3D CAD models. This will generate detailed drawings, along with bills of materials required automatically. Such automation adds to the time available to engineers for improving product quality with the innovation and development of newer products.

Creating Design Automation Synergy

Adding geometric relationships and equation driven dimensions in 3D CAD systems saves time. However, it is only an expert’s job, and it can get quite challenging for an amateur to make changes or additions to the product. Similarly, unwinding complex design references developed by others can become quite severe and time-consuming. Design Automation reduces a handful of workload, and the work is done error-free within no time.

Automating the sales department

Once the product design and engineering function becomes hands-on, you can extend automation to the sales department. By a process called guided selling, you can empower sales to offer buyers the flexibility of the custom product. Moreover, adding design automation to sales significantly reduces the possibility of errors and saves time by automatically generating quotations and cover letters.

Automation in the sales department increases sales teams’ efficiency, allowing them to deal with customer inquiries quickly. Therefore, resulting in better customer service overall and yielding more orders with less operational overheads.

Quick setup with a manageable approach

Most software requires skillful knowledge to work things the way you want. But with DriveWorks, it is easy to set up, create, sustain, and use design automation projects.

DriveWorks has the option of a custom configurator which can be set up and explicitly managed according to your business preferences. As a result, 3D models, design rules, and templates of documents regarding your projects can be reused in as many projects as needed.

DriveWorks has multi-platform support to quickly perform edits and enhancements to projects wherever and whenever you like through laptops, tablets, mobile phones, or even SolidWorks.

Free Automation

DriveWorks is a gold partner with SolidWorks, so if you have a registered license of SolidWorks, then DriveWorks Xpress comes as a free tool. This can be activated and used under the tool’s menu in SolidWorks.

DriveWorks offer three variants.

  1. DriveWorks Xpress
  2. DriveWorks Solo
  3. DriveWorks Pro

The selection depends upon the product design requirements. For fundamental automation, DriveWorks Xpress is the go-to software. Based upon the extent of automation required by your company, you can surely work your way up to DriveWorks pro. With DriveWork Pro, your company can benefit from all available features and boost your company’s efficiency and performance to an undreamed-of level.

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